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[Comments] (3) Aw, How Cute: After a year of paranoia I got a cute widdle comment spam. Probably the result of a random form-submitting robot rather than a NewsBruiser-spamming robot. I'm leaving it up to remind me to fix the NewsBruiser bug it exposed; NewsBruiser shouldn't have accepted a comment on such an old entry. Not sure why only that entry was spammed. At last, I can start training the Bayesian filter!

Update: Actually, judging from the accesses from that IP on that date, it looks like someone went poking around NYCB with a web browser and posted spam on two specific entries. Weird.

Update again: The bug is fixed and the spam is gone.

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Posted by Nick Moffitt at Wed Dec 08 2004 22:51

He's trying to find old obscure places to put his link, so that he can increase his google pagerank. Leaving it there in that hidden location is precisely what he wants. That's what most wikispam does as well: they know that people will change it back, but the fact that it's in the changelogs and the older versions of the pages means that google will still respect it.

Posted by Leonard at Thu Dec 09 2004 09:01

Man, I'm gonna mark it as spam, but not until it motivates me to fix the bug.

Posted by Kristofer Straub at Thu Dec 09 2004 18:44

My bad, man -- I just wanted everyone to know about my new FreeBSD pics (for adults), but there was a typo.

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