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[Comments] (6) Come Out With Your Game Roundup: I don't know if you've noticed this, but the Game Roundups are a lot more fun than the Software Roundups, which is why I've been doing GR after GR with nary an SR in sight. In that spirit, here's yet another Game Roundup. Yee-haw!

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Posted by Nick Moffitt at Thu Dec 09 2004 23:11

Your aquarium link goes to the rss.xml for this site.

Posted by Frances at Thu Dec 09 2004 23:22

Oh! Poor fishies! Don't drop them!

Posted by Kevan at Fri Dec 10 2004 04:50

Hmm, Minas looks a lot like Pontifex, if that's the one you were thinking of.

Posted by Leonard at Fri Dec 10 2004 10:00

I thought about Pontifex too, but forgot to mention it. The thing I mentioned but did not name was a toy where you strung vertices together anywhere on the screen (not anchored at any points) and then turned on gravity and everything fell to the ground. Still can't find it anywhere in the archives.

Posted by Mark at Fri Dec 10 2004 14:28

That sounds something like Soda Constructor, except that cleverly constructed constructs can dance around instead of falling to the ground.

Posted by Leonard at Fri Dec 10 2004 14:35

Oh, man, that's just awesome. That's not what I wrote about (I wrote about a Linux client app), but that's even better.

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