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[Comments] (4) Sickbed Soup: This is an incredibly easy soup that you can make when you're sick. I made it up when Sumana was sick and then tried it myself when I was sick earlier this week. The general idea comes from my mother. It's actually cheaper than most canned soup nowadays.



Dump everything except the lime/hot stuff into a pot and heat until it boils. Simmer until the noodles are soft. Pour into a bowl and add lime/hot stuff until it's hot enough to clear your sinuses. The microorganisms won't know what hit them!

If you're not sick you might be able to think about adding some other stuff, like chopped parsley or random spices.

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Posted by Brendan at Sat Dec 11 2004 01:09

I assume that since Sumana ate this soup (which sounds great), you didn't use beef or chicken broth. What kind did you use?

Posted by Leonard at Sat Dec 11 2004 08:18

I used vegetable broth because that's what I have. I think it doesn't matter so I didn't specify in the recipe. You just need different stuff to get it to stop tasting like straight broth.

Posted by Mark at Tue Dec 14 2004 21:53

I looked for HotLime sauce, but they only had a Frank's-brand take on the same thing ("Chile & Lime"). Have you tried the Frank's? Should I be holding out for Floyd?

Incidentally, I've had a ramen-alike that packs in a little thing of soup base and a little thing of sesame oil and spice, and the sesame oil adds a lot to it. I bet it would go well in this too.

Posted by Leonard at Tue Dec 14 2004 23:15

I remember eating ramen w/sesame oil. I bet that would be good.

I've never heard of or tried Frank's. Go ahead and use that instead.

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