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: Weird stuff on the XM on the way to Bakersfield: on the "old tyme rydio" station there was an old Christmas melodrama about Handel which as far as I know was just totally made up because it fits with none of the things I know about Handel. Ol' G.F. and his family and everyone else had whitebread American accents and it was a heartwarming pre-Capra tale about Handel's struggle with religious belief which culminated in him writing the Messiah. The best part was where Handel turns away from music and his dad tells him how his music reflects God's glory. Handel: "I have no god, father." Beat. Beat. "Merry Christmas." End of scene. Genius.

Sumana says that maybe Handel was the father and he had a wayward son. The world may never know. It's still funny.

[Comments] (3) Things I Keep Meaning To Tell You #8: There were a couple pizza restaurants that played a good-sized role in my childhood: Bear Mountain Pizza in Arvin, which was good and could have its own entry except that entry wouldn't be that interesting; and a Shakey's in Bakersfield. Bear Mountain is presumably still there, and so is the Shakey's, but the latter has been cut off from its parent chain, cast out into darkness, and is now going solo with the exact same menu as before. Only now it's called Sharkey's Pizza. I don't want to go in because doing so will ruin my pleasant fantasy that Saruman the White has opened a pizza restaurant.


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