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[Comments] (3) Things I Keep Meaning To Tell You #8: There were a couple pizza restaurants that played a good-sized role in my childhood: Bear Mountain Pizza in Arvin, which was good and could have its own entry except that entry wouldn't be that interesting; and a Shakey's in Bakersfield. Bear Mountain is presumably still there, and so is the Shakey's, but the latter has been cut off from its parent chain, cast out into darkness, and is now going solo with the exact same menu as before. Only now it's called Sharkey's Pizza. I don't want to go in because doing so will ruin my pleasant fantasy that Saruman the White has opened a pizza restaurant.

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Posted by John at Sun Dec 26 2004 10:57

I remember going to Shakey's growing up (vaguely) but it closed while I was still in grade school. I think my older brother still mourns the loss.

Posted by jacob berendes at Sun Dec 26 2004 20:48

one of my new songs "pizza in worcester ma" ends with a quote from the dylan song "talking bear mountain picnic blues". that's all.

Posted by Susie at Mon Dec 27 2004 13:53

I remember both of those places.

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