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[Comments] (3) Filks For The Lazy: Take "Paperback Writer" and just replace every instance of the title with "Checkerboard Nightmare". It works pretty well.

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Posted by Mark at Tue Dec 28 2004 01:40

Checkerboard Nightmare don't like the way I look
He don't like dreads, he thinks that we're all crooks
Checkerboard Nightmare reads too many story books

Posted by Mark at Wed Dec 29 2004 10:29

One more:

Checkerboard Nightmare, writing the words of a sermon that no one will hear.
No one comes near.
Look at him working, darning his socks in the night when there’s nobody there.
What does he care?

Posted by Kristofer Straub at Thu Dec 30 2004 04:08

And I can't think of a single one!

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