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[Comments] (3) : The cool thing I got people in my family for Christmas was I ran their weblogs (for those with enough content in their weblogs) through BlogBinders and turned them into books with fancy covers. It turns out BlogBinders uses CafePress' print-on-demand system so if you're handy with the text-to-PDF conversion you could use that directly and make the book look exactly like you want, and only get the top skimmed off of your money once.

If members of your family have weblogs and don't read this one, this makes a really good present, even though I can't entirely identify. If I got this present I would think "Great, a hard copy backup!" and not "Yes! Today I am ze author!". On the other hand, the covers I did are awesome (for GIMP novice values of "awesome").

My only complaints about the finished products are that 1) the print-on-demand is too expensive to do a sizable run of books, 2) BlogBinders puts a big garish logo on the back of the book, and 3) the text on the back of the book isn't justified and is in an ugly font and generally looks bad unlike the rest of the book. Oh, and 4) Rachel blabbed about the present on her weblog early enough to taint the surprise for Susanna.

Tomorrow when I get back to San Francisco I'll put up the NewsBruiser plugin that lets you syndicate entries in the format used by BlogBinders; that's what I used to make the books. Better to have it up on the web in a tarball than in my CVS working copy.

Speaking of presents, I once hypothesized to Seth that a sprig of thyme would make an ideal gift, because there's no present like the thyme.


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