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[Comments] (3) You May End Your Turn Early!: The supermarket is selling gift cards (I guess this is the most generic gift idea ever.) and advertising them in the checkout lanes. In big letters where other advertising campaigns would have some catchy slogan, this advertising campaign boldly announces "Cards Have No Value Until Activated". I guess to keep people from swiping them, but it makes me wonder if that's a selling point to someone. "I don't know anything about you, but everyone has to eat food, so here you go. Why are you looking at me like that? Don't you realize that this sucker has been activated?!"

CodeCon CodeCon Redux: My project has been accepted as a CodeCon presentation! I was thinking of sending it to PyCon but that's all the way in DC, and CodeCon is just across town. I've given up on the idea of making money from the project, but maybe once I release it and it gets publicity people will stop saying "Oh, it sure would be nice if this existed" and take the idea away from me and start improving it. The only question is, will my army of androids be ready in time?


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