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[Comments] (10) Leonard's Tips For Slovenly Living #2: If you run out of human soap, you can probably wash yourself with dish soap.

I haven't tried this one either, but I might have to soon.


Posted by Sean Neakums at Sun Feb 08 2004 12:28

On the few occasions I have washed my hands with dish soap, the result was acceptable. Clean right down to the squeak!

Posted by Susie at Sun Feb 08 2004 14:29

I washed my hair with dishsoap once. We were camping and I got tree sap in it. It actually worked really well at getting the sap out, but my hair was all tangled.

Posted by Brendan at Sun Feb 08 2004 17:04

"Human Soap" makes me think of Fight Club.

Posted by Leonard at Sun Feb 08 2004 18:53

That comment reminds me of THE LIVING SOAP.

Posted by rachel at Sun Feb 08 2004 22:59

Shall I send you soap? which scent would you prefer?

Posted by Leonard at Mon Feb 09 2004 11:00

Rachel, don't send me soap. I'll feel even more like a slob. When I absolutely run out of soap I'll make a trip to the store and get more.


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