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[Comments] (2) What about the Eagles?: If you thought The Big Lebowski was a thing not subject to SCA-ish appropriation by dressing-up fanboys then Big Lebowski night in North Little Rock should have shattered that notion. (Adam-Dude #2, where are those pictures?) But no! You chose to believe, despite all evidence, that the Coen masterwork could only be appreciated by those too cool or too stoned to make fools of themselves by dressing up like characters from the movie.

If your childish preconceptions were not so laughable, perhaps you could be an object of pity. For behold! Lebowski Fest is coming to YOUR TOWN (if you are Brendan), and its Star Trek convention-esque geekiness scatters to the wind like ashes from a Folger's can any aspirations you may have had for having your master's thesis The Dude Abides: Lebowski as a Mithras/Christ Figure in Modern Mythology taken seriously. You should have picked on Barton Fink instead. Nobody dresses up like Chet the bellboy. Well, if you do, I don't want to hear about it.

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Posted by Brendan at Thu Mar 18 2004 23:35

Yeah, those... those scare me. Last summer, there were waaay more posters (the larger Nixon ones) up everywhere I went than anything Coen-based should really have.

Posted by Leonard at Fri Mar 19 2004 13:15

I was just about to post an agreeable comment lambasting the producers of the Nixon poster for using non-Coen iconography to promote this event, and then I remembered that the Dude actually has that picture in his living room (though it does not tie the room together). So there is a tenuous, grasping connection, and by the rules of fanboy honor I cannot bring myself to gripe about it.


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