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NewsBruiser Review is Here!: Previously, on News You Can Bruise...

Joe says that there was a glowing review of NewsBruiser in the UK magazine Linux Format.
Joe is sending me the magazine and I'm gonna type it up.
Just another way in which my life is less exciting than Pepys': fewer random onstage beatings.
[Nb. I guess that's the subplot?]

And now, the continuation...

Got the package in the mail today. I thought "Huh, this looks like a magazine. I didn't order a magazine! Huh, this looks like overseas mail. Who would send me a magazine... from another country?" I forgot that my life has continuity. Anyway, the article is as glowing as Joe said it was, and as promised I've typed up the review and plan to shamelessly exploit it for promotional purposes. Some choice quotes from the review:

"[O]ne of the best blogging utilities doing the rounds."

"Installation is brilliantly simple..."

"[T]he whole system runs like clockwork."

"Friendly, organised, versatile and great to use."

How do you like that bookending? Thanks, Joe!

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