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[Comments] (5) I Pie: The Pie Of The Month Club combines recipes and collage like no previous Of The Month Club. It's full of bizarre, inventive pie recipes like chocoholic Dirt and Worms Pie, tart Amish Saurkraut Custard Pie and portable Pie on a Stick. There's even the arbitrarily large Stack Pie. I showed that last pie recipe to Michael Stack, who said:

I think there's a resemblance (I used to think I looked like a concrete pillar).

This relieves me of the need to come up with an awesome dessert named after Stack for my "dishes named after programmers" diner menu.

Incidentally, if you're a Yankee in the South and you see "fried pie" on a menu, you might think that it's an eccentric dish made by this particular restaurant where they take slices of pie and deep-fry them. If you find this idea simultaneously repulsive and compelling, you might dare to order a fried pie, hoping and fearing to see a golden pie wedge breaded like a shrimp and plopped onto your plate with some whipped cream. If this is what you are expecting, you will be simultaneously relieved and disappointed. Fried pie is actually a completely standard dish that is basically a better version of those inedible $0.25 Hostess fruit pies. I'm not saying don't order it, but know what you're getting.

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Posted by Brendan at Wed Apr 14 2004 23:24

My old roommate Jon and I had plans to start a restaurant called "We'll Fry It!" You bet your socks you'd be able to get real fried pie up in that piece. In fact, you could bet your socks, and then get them fried.

Other restaurant ideas included "We'll Blend It!" and "Toast!"

Posted by Frances at Thu Apr 15 2004 15:46

I think i'd be scared to eat in a restaurant with such an enthusiastic name. Maybe could we give a little more of the energy to the wait staff? Like name the restaurant, "Your Server Will Be Right With You."

Posted by Brendan at Thu Apr 15 2004 16:35

Ah, but it's the wait staff who are bringing all that enthusiasm. You just walk in with a hamburger, or a pie, or a bicycle tire, and say "Hey, I'd like this--" and immediately the staff is there, announcing "We'll Fry It!"

On second thought, you might want to be careful about taking small children there.

Posted by Leonard at Thu Apr 15 2004 17:16

Hmm. So you envision a restaurant Decorator, somewhere you'd take the food you got at another restaurant. I see a market for restaurants based on other design patterns, eg. the restaurant Facade that orders out to other restaurants for the food you order, kind of like a hoity-toity food court.

Posted by Brendan at Fri Apr 16 2004 13:19

Exactly! Restaurant wrapper classes! If one restaurant had lousy customer service, you could build another restaurant around that restaurant, and then you could have other people go in, order the food, endure the nasty wait staff, eat and leave, and all you'd have to do is pay.

You could also have a restaurant Factory, which would produce a miniature food stand whose menu consisted only of things you wanted to eat.


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