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[Comments] (7) Going Out In Midday Sun No Longer Top Indicator: Distributed stereotype ranking self-evaluations for Great Britain. Food and monarchy head the list. Full list nowhere to be seen online, which is a shame as that sort of list would be a good air-clearer for finding out less-appreciated facets of a national psyche.

Unfortunately, WikiDay is on hiatus due to insufficient funding. How will I tell the children that WikiDay has been cancelled? Please, think of the children.

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Posted by Leonard at Tue Apr 27 2004 18:17

That's a good idea. Do your part for Wikipedia! Have your contribution be lost in the noise of new users coming in from the Salon article! I'll paint the barn!

Posted by Leonard at Tue Apr 27 2004 18:18

Of course, since Wikipedia is still bogged down, maybe we should do it tomorrow.

Posted by Frances at Tue Apr 27 2004 19:36

"a traditional cooked breakfast of sausages and eggs and Buckingham Palace" ????? I have heard that English breakfasts are heavy.

Posted by Rachel at Tue Apr 27 2004 19:52

yes, I thought that "cookie" could use a good deal more commas, and some re-arranging.

Hey maybe Salon.com will hire me!

Posted by pedro at Wed Apr 28 2004 00:55

i fixed a couple things on the Tron wikipedia entry... and noted that in general it really sucks and could use a complete rewrite.

Posted by Leonard at Wed Apr 28 2004 11:44

I added a sub-recipe for garlic croutons to the cookbook. Man, the cookbook needs some automatic indexing or something!


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