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[Comments] (8) Free Cheap Rider: Today I sent a book to someone (who reads this weblog and will soon be pleasantly surprised). Book rate is so cheap! Why do we subsidize sending books through the mail?


Posted by Susie at Wed Apr 28 2004 20:41

Because they weigh so much.

Posted by Leonard at Thu Apr 29 2004 12:31

Hmm hmm. Makes sense. But I don't think we 'forgot' to repeal it--it's got a constituency now.

Posted by Kristen at Thu Apr 29 2004 18:45

I think I know who it is, but I better not spoil it for them, or make myself look dumb if it isn't.

Posted by Leonard at Thu Apr 29 2004 19:12

Kristen, you are probably right.

Posted by Rachel at Fri Apr 30 2004 01:29

in that case, I have an inkling aussi

Posted by Leonard at Fri Apr 30 2004 12:42

Oh no! Soon everyone will know!


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