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[Comments] (6) Operator Overloading: All sorts of things are possible with the click of a mouse, or, if you prefer, with a click of a mouse, or with a click of the mouse, or even with the click of the mouse.

Now, let me just publish this...

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Posted by Nick Moffitt at Fri Apr 30 2004 17:10

This entry broke the syndication. I think you need to use " in your translation for RSS.

Posted by Nick Moffitt at Fri Apr 30 2004 17:15


er, that is, &quot;


Posted by Leonard at Fri Apr 30 2004 17:36

Sorry, I don't follow. Should I not be escaping the string composed of "ampersand q u o t semicolon" to turn it into "ampersand a m p semicolon q u o t semicolon"? Should I just leave it "ampersand q u o t semicolon"?

Posted by Phillip Pearson at Mon May 03 2004 01:03

Right now your entry, once the entities in the feed are decoded (by the XML parser), looks like this:

<a href="foo=%22bar%22">

but if you make it look like this:

<a href="foo=&quot;bar&quot;">

you might have better luck with feed readers. Or it might just be Bloglines getting confused.

Posted by Phillip Pearson at Mon May 03 2004 01:05

BTW - http://www.crummy.com/nycb currently has a traceback displayed.

Posted by Leonard at Wed May 05 2004 10:03


Thanks. I fixed the traceback.

I think there's a bug in Mark Pilgrim's feed parser which is causing this problem. I downloaded it (it's what Nick is using) and was able to get it to do weird things by putting quoted XML special characters in tag attributes.


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