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[Comments] (2) Chocolate Fountains: They came into my life and won't leave. Chocolate fountains. Maybe I read too many of those junky free magazines whose ad revenue all comes from wedding catering services, but every plucky service industry small business has got a chocolate fountain these days. Not sure what the big deal is. It's just chocolate fondue, and chocolate fondue is just ganache, and ganache is just a bunch of molecules. You all know about molecules, right? I think the allure comes from a temptation unique to women to stick your head in the chocolate fountain, similar to the constant masculine temptation to turn pirate or (if working on a political campaign in an Amtrak station) to turn Amtrak hobo.


Posted by Buxom Wench at Wed Apr 07 2004 13:26

Arrrr! I wanna pirate some chocolate!

Posted by Susie at Wed Apr 07 2004 22:53

My friend Jamie had one of these at her reception last November.


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