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[Comments] (2) Rebranding: Sumana wanted me to pick her up some tortillas at the store. I was looking and looking and all I could find were these weird 'Low Carb' tortillas. Dang spinoff products! Where were the real tortillas?

Then I realized: these were the real tortillas. Tortillas are now the designated low[er]-carb alternative to bread. It's only a matter of time until someone sees Dr. Atkins' face scorched into a tortilla.

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Posted by rachel at Thu Apr 08 2004 01:10


Posted by Kristofer Straub at Thu Apr 08 2004 15:08

I found that recently, in Honduras. They were all praying to it, calling it Maria. I says to them, I says "that ain't Mary! Look, it's Dr. Atkins! And his forehead is all misshapen and he has no mouth, but it looks like him all right." I was run out of the town.


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