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[Comments] (5) Fried Green Vanilla: You know how vanilla beans cost four or five dollars apiece? And how you have to slice them open like a biology lab worm and scrape out the vanilla-laden goodness like... the dirt in the digestive tract of a biology lab worm? Well, here's an easier and cheaper way. For the cost of three or four vanilla beans you can buy half a cup of vanilla bean paste. It's basically vanilla extract mixed with pureed vanilla beans. It tastes and looks the same as if you'd done the vanilla bean dance, but it's half as expensive and easier to use.

I made vanilla/coconut/mint ice cream yesterday using the paste, and it was great. More on this later.

[Comments] (3) Shameless Word-Of-Mouth Marketing: Wherever there are petty, disgruntled Moveable Type users there is an audience for my rabble-rousing. Check out my weblog software, NewsBruiser. It probably does what you want; it's easy to install, upgrade, and hack; and it's open source and written in Python. Also, declare yourself emperor while the real emperor is away inspecting the border with Gaul! It's easy and fun!

PS: There must be a more effective way to do this?


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