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[Comments] (10) Coconut Cuisine: Lately I've been making ice cream with coconut milk instead of cow milk. My original plan for such an ice cream was coconut/chocolate, which I still haven't gotten around to because my making of ice cream has slowed to a crawl because of my attempt to stop eating so many desserts, but how could it be bad?

I actually bought a coconut, thinking that the stuff inside was "coconut milk" (the way... well, I can't think of any foods that work that way), then discovered that it's actually "coconut water", and that "coconut milk" is what you get when you simmer coconut meat in water. So I started buying the canned coconut milk with the elephant on the can, since some negligible percentage of the money I spend on the coconut milk goes to an Asian elephant sanctuary. (Incidentally, if you want to eliminate the middleman and give money directly to an elephant sanctuary, check out this one in Tennessee).

So now I have nice coconut-flavored ice cream but I also have a coconut I don't know what to do with. Ideas? I was thinking maybe I could put a lime in it and drink it all up.


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