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[Comments] (4) Beautiful: At last, a solution to the eternal question "Where is your RSS feed?". Admittedly it creates the new question "Why is your RSS feed a big letdown from what I was led to believe by your RSS button?". But isn't that a much more interesting question? (From Sumana)

Leonard Preemptively Gets Results!: Just last night, Creative Commons effectively got rid of many of their least-used licenses by making the (almost always warranted) assumption on their license picker that you want attribution. Check out Mark Linksvayer's comment in my previous entry on the topic for hot new data that is going to make me have to redo my graph tonight.

[Comments] (2) Give Me A Graph With Hair: I redid my graph to do a side-by-side comparison of Yahoo's and Google's allegations as to the relative popularity of Creative Commons licenses (and to get rid of a license which I somehow had in there twice).

The two engines give pretty similar pictures, except that Yahoo says public domain usage and the "Attribution" license are much less popular. Note the following:


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