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[Comments] (2) Creative Cormorant: And we're back. Kevin did an OS upgrade on this webserver so now we have all sorts of goodies like Apache 2 (which means mod_py (which means mod_py support for NewsBruiser) and a Subversion repository (which means SubWiki (which means a NewsBruiser documentation/fun Wiki)). Yes, it's all about NewsBruiser here. And parentheses. Speaking of the world's premiere news bruising software package, I just released version 2.4.0, "Creative Cormorant". Not only does it have integrated Creative Commons licensing support, it fixes several a couple bugs in the configuration interface that could cause you to lose data, so I definitely recommend upgrading.

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Posted by Joe at Mon May 31 2004 04:35

There's an extra double quote breaking your version 2.4.0 link. I know this as I am currently downloading said version in preparation of reviving my own site. Should be fun.

Posted by Leonard at Tue Jun 01 2004 11:42

Thanks for the tip! Thank for reviving your site!


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