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[Comments] (4) Truth In False Advertising: I got a scam "phishing" email that wanted me to go to a fake PayPal page and give them my password. The URL was (are you ready?): http://[xxx].[yyy].com/trycon/scampage/

"Your honor, my client was never trying to con people with a scam page."

"Objection! May I refer the judge to People's Exhibit A, THE URL TO THE DAMN WEB PAGE."

Did someone unzip a handy prebuilt phishing tarball (The Pocket Phisherman?) into the webserver root and not rename the directories?

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Posted by Brendan at Wed May 05 2004 14:37

I just hit my RSS aggregator, and the only new items were this post and Jon Morris's entry about the same thing. I smell interweb frenzy!

Posted by Kristofer Straub at Wed May 05 2004 22:19

I got one too, guys? Am I in?

Posted by Leonard at Thu May 06 2004 09:10

It's a party! A party built on lies!

Posted by Kevan at Fri May 07 2004 05:31

"My client was simply exercising his right to be a scamp."


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