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[Comments] (7) In bed: For some reason I keep my fortune cookies for far longer than I should. Since I'm moving and since they're just text, I might as well inflict on you the ones I've kept and then get rid of the papers.

The last two bookended my life's intersection with the Clark campaign.

The other thing about moving is it makes me tired and makes me write irrelevant cop-out NYCB entries like this.


Posted by jacob berendes at Thu Jun 17 2004 22:29

excluding engrish jokes, my best are:
"you will be successful in the field of medical research"
"if you're still hungry, eat another fortune cookie!"

Posted by Rachel at Thu Jun 17 2004 23:34

I don't think it's irrelevant, cop-out. It's the kind of entry I would write! (wait a sec...)

on the subject of fortunes, I've had one for about 5 years that says "you will reach full contentment by the summer." I guess I failed to specify which summer.

Posted by susie at Fri Jun 18 2004 01:00

That's what all MY entries are like too, so there! =P

Posted by pedro at Fri Jun 18 2004 02:38

My favorite one said:

"You are the apple of my eye."

Posted by Kevan at Fri Jun 18 2004 05:17

I nearly typed "someone should make fortune cookies containing NetHack cookie-quotes" without first checking to see if anyone actually had:-


Posted by Kristen at Fri Jun 18 2004 14:45

I loved the SNL sketch with Mike Myers where he was a sweat shop boss making people slave away writing fortunes. Hilariuous.

Posted by Leonard at Fri Jun 18 2004 15:08

See, that's the kind of link I would post if I were on the ball.


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