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[Comments] (2) It's WikiDay in June!: I was waiting to announce this until I got reST support working, and then I got it working and it turns out reST support is way too slow, so for now I'm going to stick with the default syntax. I've set up a wiki for NewsBruiser, where I'm going to put all the documentation. NewsbruiserFans, if you could help out I'd greatly appreciate it, even if you just port existing documentation to the Wiki. I've already spent way too much time recently not working on NewsBruiser.


Posted by Leonard at Fri Jun 04 2004 21:16

While I was diagnosing the comments problem I deleted all the comments for this entry. Here's Ian's two comments as one comment:

ReST definitely can't be rendered on every page load. Everytime you render you should be able to put the output in some location (probably outside the actual Subversion checkout), and then check mtimes to see if you have to rerender on a request or if you can just serve the pre-rendered file.

I wrote a second paragraph in my comment, which seems to have been lost when I submitted...? Anyway, I referred to http://wiki.webwareforpython.org/thiswiki.html , which caches reST output (and has a few other tweaks related to using reST in a Wiki).

Posted by Leonard at Fri Jun 04 2004 21:21

And for the record, Ian Bicking's weblog is at: http://blog.ianbicking.org/weblog/


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