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[Comments] (6) : Party was great, except YOU DIDN'T COME! (Unless you did). Kevin, the bookcase you got me is great but the shelves are defective. Can we take it back?

I got spam from the best spam name ever: "Gay Ponce".

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Posted by Rachel at Mon Jul 12 2004 22:20

Wah I wish I could have been there. I bet the food was great. Hope you had an amazing birthday! and that you liked your mystery gift!

Posted by Leonard at Tue Jul 13 2004 13:13

Kim, I tried to invite Mark (and by implication you) to the party but there was some snafu. I'll make sure to send the invitation email to both of you for the next party.

Rachel, the mystery gift was great!

Posted by Susie at Tue Jul 13 2004 18:46

I went! I was there! Unfortunately, phone food is tastes worse than it sounds.


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