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[Comments] (12) Also, You Can Only Use A Barometer: Since the last entry got so many comments, I would like to make this entry another in the same vein, because I like comments. How many ways can we come up with to distinguish hard-boiled eggs from regular eggs? No cost is too high, no preparation too elaborate. My contributions:

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Posted by Susie at Wed Aug 25 2004 18:03

You can distinguish between good and bad eggs on whether they float or not, but I suspect both cooked and raw eggs sink. Unless they are bad, in which case, don't eat it.

Posted by Kristofer Straub at Wed Aug 25 2004 18:27

There may be a way to split a chicken such that the collision creates an egg pair, each with an unknown cooked/raw state, traveling in opposite directions. Then by cracking one of them in a moving pan, you collapse the wave function of the other without even observing it.

Posted by Nick Moffitt at Wed Aug 25 2004 18:52

For reference, the links to "how to boil an egg" and "how to tell if an egg has completely cooked" appeared in clickolinko because we were convincing a very drunk Carlos Laviola of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to drink water and eat an egg so as to ward off the morning regrets.

Essentially, I think a good razor is to investigate whether the egg was boiled by someone who was drunk or sober.

Posted by Rachel at Wed Aug 25 2004 19:49

I shake the egg. I can feel the yolk giggle if it is raw. Or perhaps it is just my imagination.

Posted by Frances at Wed Aug 25 2004 20:28

Did anyone think of just ASKING the egg? We've got all these fancy schmancy methods, now, did anybody ask how the egg is feeling? Noooooo..... humble egg would have nothing to say!

Posted by Kristofer Straub at Wed Aug 25 2004 22:08

Mr. Funercise would not let you eat a raw egg, it's dangerous. Have him make the decision. He knows how to tell.

Posted by Ian Bicking at Thu Aug 26 2004 02:33

You put the egg in a warm place, and let it sit for a few weeks. If, upon reinvestigating the egg you find a chick (dead or alive), the egg was not boiled.

Posted by Kevan at Thu Aug 26 2004 10:09

Write "unboiled" in water-soluble, non-toxic paint on all eggs when you buy them, or encourage retailers to do so during the packing process.

Genetically engineer a chicken to lay eggs with transparent shells, or simply switch your diet to a species that already does this. (Frogs, perhaps.)

Attach RFID chips to all eggs (or encourage battery farms to implant them in vivo), and fit appropriate scanners around your kitchen and cookware.

Install a small, counter-top Magnetic Resonance Imager.


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