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[Comments] (3) Clickolinko bonanza!: Not to be confused with a Clickolinko juncto. Heh, heh, a little Baroque Cycle humor there. Okay, I'll stop. Ow! I said I'll stop! But now, I'll have to retaliate so as not to show weakness!

Okay, where was I? Here are three things in recent Clickolinko history that caught my eye.

This one was directed toward me by name: Google Memewatch dares to ask: What are you cooking with?

websay does what eCow (which doesn't even work anymore due to various venue changes) does, only it actually works and has a better interface. This is my ultimate win; I come up with an idea and get the credit, and eventually someone else does the same thing and I can pass off the mantainance duty on to them.

Finally, it turns out that The Onion generates its headline graphics with a PHP script. A nice, juicy, usable-by-anyone headline graphic generation script. The API is pretty simple, as this API demonstration.... demonstrates.

[Comments] (1) Star Trek Reductio:

"Is he an alien or does he just have a big wart on his forehead?"
(Me to Sumana, about the hoity-toity weapons dealer in DS9 "Business as Usual".)


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