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[Comments] (3) Flash! Floo-od! You'll kill ev'ry one of us!: One of my irrational fears is flash floods (irrational not because flash floods are not dangerous but because I never go anywhere they occur). One minute you're hiking along a gully with your camping stove and the next you're under twenty feet of water like in O Brother, Where Art Thou?. That's how it works in my imagination anyway. Today's Earth Sciences Picture of the Day is a chilling close-up glimpse at a flash flood in the offing. ESPOD, by the way, is the best companion I've so far found to the venerable APOD.

Man, if only the power of flash floods could be turned to some useful purpose. Like setting up encounters between flash floods and flash mobs.

[Comments] (2) About bookmarklets: I'm starting to get into bookmarklets, and I have a question. Can I write a bookmarklet that activates when you drag and drop a link onto it? I realize that this question, like the question of how to programatically access a browser's open tabs, lies on the line between the browser as an application environment and the browser as an application in its own right. A lot of the stuff I'm starting to think is interesting lies on that line, which I find very strange. This is the first time in my life I've ever cared about drag or drop, much less the two combined.


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