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: The Technorati API is very useful; so useful that its 500-a-day limit on API calls is incredibly frustrating to me. And don't even get me started on Google's API. I much prefer APIs like the Amazon API that just limit how often you can make a call.

Does anyone have any suggestions of how to get more getCosmos()-like behavior without actually cheating? All I can think of is to scrape del.icio.us instead, but that puts me in a del.icio.us ghetto. I may end up building my own private mini-Technorati.

[Comments] (6) We'll Leave A Light On For You (But Why?): My neighbors leave their porch light on all night. I am not sure why. Are you supposed to leave your porch light on all night? It seems like a waste of electricity. Does it deter burglary?


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