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The Ass-Kicking Laser Algorithm Is Making Sense: More sense than it was making before, anyway. I changed it to turn relative times into absolute times, and got rid of the weird "URLs I've seen before" cutoff in favor of a time-based cutoff. It's still over here.

Fly Me To The Moon, Alice!: Check out this emulator of the Apollo guidance computer.

[Comments] (6) : My grandfather, Roy Dalton Richardson, has died. Like my father and myself, he was stubborn and emotionally quiet. But he was passionate, and he worked his whole life, and when he couldn't work anymore it hurt. Every since I've been able to formulate the thought, he's been my image of how I would be when I was older. He was the first person I saw grow old. I loved him, and now he's gone, from my life and many others. May he rest in peace.


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