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[Comments] (6) : Got my braces (mostly) off today. There are tiny bands of braces still on my front teeth, making my mouth look like one of those old video games where you keep playing the same levels over and over again, but every time the platforms get shorter and harder to jump onto. Those come off in 2 weeks when I get the retainers.


Posted by John at Wed Jan 05 2005 18:11

I still remember the day my braced came off. July 22, 1980 (on my birthday). Best birthday present I ever had.

Posted by Riana at Wed Jan 05 2005 18:45

Hip hip hooray! Party time! The day I got my braces off (at age 22) was a jubilant day for me as well. Have you flossed yet? I've been flossing regularly ever since my braces came off, just because it was so *novel* and *easy*, and it simply became a good habit.

Posted by Brendan at Wed Jan 05 2005 19:16


Posted by Rachel at Wed Jan 05 2005 19:28

Hee, I got mine off for (around) my birthday, too. March 9, 2001.

Posted by Rachel at Wed Jan 05 2005 19:29

or maybe 8

Posted by John at Wed Jan 05 2005 20:59

Um, my entry is wrong. I was born on July 22, 1980. My braces came off July 22, 1998 (my 18th birthday). I must have been really out of it when I wrote that.

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