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[Comments] (4) The Word Is Out: But, I won't absolutely insist that you treat me right. The subject of my CodeCon presentation, long a secret, has been revealed as the Ultra Gleeper, a recommendation engine for web pages. Yes, I created the thing people have been complaining about not having for nine years. And it does a pretty good job.

It still needs work, but I've got a whole month still to put off doing that work. I meant to work on it this weekend, but instead I wrote a goofy story about cannibalism. Good job, me.

[Comments] (8) Hey Rachel: This sounds like an easy way you could make some good money, if you can get used to fleecing the gullible without feeling guilty, (not, in my experience, a strength of the Richardson/Whitney bloodline, but associated more in my mind with the trickster Calls). It monetizes the skills I said during Christmas you should monetize, but is a whole lot higher margin than making collage crafts. Link via Accordion Guy.

[Comments] (1) Great Moments In User Interface Design: Seriously.

[Comments] (2) Apache Question: It looks like you can't use a text file to drive a RewriteMap if the URLs you're rewriting to are longer than 1024 bytes. Is this accurate? Does anyone else consider this a blot on mod_rewrite (as though it wasn't already bespeckled with blots)? I'm using a .dbm file instead, which doesn't have this problem, but it's aggravating.


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