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[Comments] (4) Not So Fast, Kid: Kid singing the alphabet song at Trader Joe's: "Q, R, S, T, U, V, now I know my ABCs." Nobody uses those last letters anyway.

Crouching Software, Hidden Roundup: Yes, it's the first Software Roundup in a year and a half! And I still have a backlog of 137 non-game items to investigate. Since statistics prove the real draw to this site is the Game Roundup, I'm posting this first and the new GR will follow.

The winner: pypov, which I hope people more graphically inclined than I get some good use out of. And now, the traditional prize of a limerick, soon to be a major driver in improving open source software quality:

pypov shows me why, back in the day
I couldn't use POV-Ray
They say only fools
Go blaming their tools
I've just about had it with "they".

It's Another Tequila Game Roundup: And here it is, the Roundup you've been waiting for. In case you're wondering, my Game Roundup backlog is a whopping 249 games. It's madness! But it's not like this is my job or anything.

So there we go. Tong wins this Software Roundup, and gets the limerick:

A game that is more than one game
Is constantly changing its name
The more clones we tacks on
From Asteroids to Zaxxon
The more we put Firefox to shame


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