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[Comments] (1) I Can't Believe It's Not Not Software Roundup: Even though I have so much to do and today I shoveled even more on my plate (more about this later), I figured I'd just go through some of the Software Roundup backlog and weed out the ones that turned out to not be interesting. I should have known. I got sucked into the shadowy world of software trying-out and another new Software Roundup was born. Here it is. Now I'm going to turn off the computer, except I need the computer for the stuff I'm supposed to be doing. Dang.

And now the winner. For fear of aspersions being cast upon my Y chromosome, I have no choice but to hand the award to the Real Man's Compiler Collection, that blackmailing constable of social norms. Enjoy this limerick, Real Man's Compiler Collection:

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Posted by Josh at Tue Jan 25 2005 01:23

If you want to be really manly and black-boxed, it needs to be

$* &> /dev/null;

as bourne shells return $? at exit, so you need to reset it back to 0.

('Hi, my name is josh, and my PS1 is "$?] \u@\h:\w\$", and i'm okay with the anti-manly implications of this.')

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