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[Comments] (3) Anacrusish #2: First draft of Ultra Gleeper paper is done. I also wrote another Anacrusis type story. This one tells the story of one of crummy.com's most enduring minor characters,

Fast Jack

Fast Jack's calculator gets passed around during Geometry and he pays out at lunch. He got his leather jacket without mowing any lawns, but he's after the romance: Frankie in a tux, raising to a cool mil between sips of neat. He can't keep this secret, nor share it.

"Hey!" It's Robson. "Your video poker's crooked!" Robson never got a PIN, but he has ways.

"You can check the program." Fast Jack's wasting his breath.

"I lost ten hands straight. Tell me that's fair."

Fast Jack has a letterman's jacket, too. He thinks about variance, runs like a hot Nevada wind.


Posted by Brendan at Sun Jan 30 2005 02:09

Slick and spare. Excellent.

Posted by Kevan at Mon Jan 31 2005 07:17

Ah, did everyone write gambling games on programmable calculators, at school, then? The ones we had were completely source-viewable, and my fruit machine had been warezed around the school (with randomly mutated fruit symbols, and claims of "I wrote this") within a couple of weeks.

Posted by unclepedro at Mon Jan 31 2005 09:13

I didn't write a gambling game, but I did write a Battleship game for the TI-81. It didn't get war3zed. But we did play it during band.

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