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[Comments] (8) Exciting Gmail Contest: It used to be that people who got Gmail accounts would hold contests on their weblogs to give out their Gmail invites. The first n people who commented on the relevant entry would get a Gmail invite. Well, time passed, as it always does, and now there are too many Gmail invites to go around. Everywhere I go, people bombard me with offers to send me Gmail invites. Soon I predict it will escalate to bombarding me with actual Gmail invites, and then with bricks.

To keep things civilized I am starting a contest. The first one person to comment on this entry offering me a Gmail invite can go ahead and send me one. Surely this friendly competition will solve the Gmail invite problem once and for all!


Posted by Olifante at Thu Feb 03 2005 20:26

Hi Leonard,

Please, please, oh please let me be the chosen one! CAN I CAN I CAN I CAN I?

But only if you ask nicely.

Shall I send it to you segfault.org email?

Posted by Olifante at Thu Feb 03 2005 20:38

Well, I already sent you an invite, but in doing so I discovered that I had not 4 but 50 invites left.

Google must have changed the invite policy in the last week, which may mean that they are nearing an official launch.

Anyway, this was probably my last opportunity to send someone a Gmail invite, as everybody and his dog is going to have a Gmail account. Luckily Gmail is actually useful, unlike other fad-driven technologies, e.g. Orkut

Posted by Leonard at Thu Feb 03 2005 20:38

Yes, please do.

This contest is now over!

Posted by Rachel at Thu Feb 03 2005 22:06

woe, I am too late, and I never had a chance...

Posted by Rachel at Thu Feb 03 2005 22:12

Perhaps they will make some sort of "gmail member since ___" label to retain the heirarchy, so people know if you were one of the first people to get a gmail invite. Like on the facebook, which I have been a member of since last april or so, UCLA being one of the best schools ever and therefore one of the first on facebook. Now that schools are being added to the facebook right & left, we need this type of thing to remind people we are better then them, hahaha. I actually could have joined sooner then I did--both gmail & facebook), but I *do* pride myself on beign able to resist fads for at least a couple of weeks. Hem.

Posted by Jarno Virtanen at Fri Feb 04 2005 00:04

I was going to send you an invite alongside with a Cunning and Devious Virus in an attachment named 'virus.exe', but turns out that Gmail doesn't allow sending attachments whose file extension is '.exe'. Thus begins a new era; an era which shall be known as the No more viruses era.

Posted by Brendan at Fri Feb 04 2005 01:17

Don't forget .bat, .pif and .out.

Posted by Susie at Fri Feb 04 2005 11:05

I see now that I too have 50 Gmail invites. I didn't even know who to send the first 4 to.

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