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[Comments] (3) Recommendation Engine Meta-Discoveries: My friends all have IMDB pages, but at least I have an Audioscrobbler page. Which reveals that the shorter my songs are, the more people listen to them. Not a lesson I think people want me to learn, but one born out by cold hard statistics.

In non-meta recommendation engine discoveries, HobbySpace "seeks to show that everyone can participate in space exploration and development in one way or another."

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Posted by Kristofer Straub at Sun Feb 06 2005 01:45

Sweet, "I" have an Audioscrobbler page too!

Posted by Brian Danger Hicks at Sun Feb 06 2005 11:12

I'm sure this goes without saying, but I'll just be redundant: Now just record songs with sub-second lengths and you'll be a superstar!

Posted by Andy H. at Tue Feb 08 2005 19:52

Is that why 'Urban Creation Myth still cuts off early?

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