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[Comments] (3) A Refreshing Splash of Lemon-Lyme: For a Valentine's Day dinner I made Lemon Lime Risotto with Asparagus, which was very tasty. I love odd little risottos; it's a good medium for experimentation. Lately I've also been thinking of ways to make desserts with buttermilk.

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Posted by Susie at Thu Feb 17 2005 10:33

That sounds yummy! Maybe we will try it. I love risotto, but I've never made it.

Posted by anonymous at Fri Feb 18 2005 11:42

I'm totally afraid of making risotto. Never have tried. You are adventurous, Leonard. And inspiring.

Posted by Leonard at Fri Feb 18 2005 12:34

You both should try it! It's not hard. The only reason it takes 45 minutes to cook is you have to keep pouring broth into the rice-sponges. It's not 45 minutes of precisely timed maneuvers.

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