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[Comments] (4) XML-RPC APIs: Does anyone know of any XML-RPC interfaces that don't require authentication and that live on the public Web? I know of two: the weblogs.com ping API and its imitators, and the Advogato XML-RPC API (some but not all of which requires authentication). I don't think either of those is interesting enough for my purpose. My studies have shown that all the new web services expose REST and/or SOAP APIs. Poor little XML-RPC's showcase of implemented services is stuck in 1999. Am I wrong? Am I wrong?

Update: I can't believe I forgot the XML-RPC API I wrote for Downhill. It doesn't really meet my criteria either, because it's not that useful anymore. The Weblog Ecosystem data it depends on is about 2 years old and it's not being collected anymore so I can't update it.

Hmm, Waypath and Meerkat look like they might work.

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