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[Comments] (4) XML-RPC APIs: Does anyone know of any XML-RPC interfaces that don't require authentication and that live on the public Web? I know of two: the weblogs.com ping API and its imitators, and the Advogato XML-RPC API (some but not all of which requires authentication). I don't think either of those is interesting enough for my purpose. My studies have shown that all the new web services expose REST and/or SOAP APIs. Poor little XML-RPC's showcase of implemented services is stuck in 1999. Am I wrong? Am I wrong?

Update: I can't believe I forgot the XML-RPC API I wrote for Downhill. It doesn't really meet my criteria either, because it's not that useful anymore. The Weblog Ecosystem data it depends on is about 2 years old and it's not being collected anymore so I can't update it.

Hmm, Waypath and Meerkat look like they might work.

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Posted by Nick Moffitt at Sun Feb 20 2005 00:06

"XML-RPC API" wins the prize for the most inane aggregation of TLAs! Hyphenation will not save you, XML-RPC API!

Posted by Chui Tey at Sun Feb 20 2005 07:12

How about flickr? Some of the method calls do not require authentication, although you still need an api Key.


Posted by Pierre at Sun Feb 20 2005 07:36

You can query pear.php.net using xmlrpc. Most of the API is open (used by the installer). listMethods is implemented, you can find more infos about exported methods in the cvs, module pearweb (or peclweb for pecl). Sorry php site but ;)


Posted by Leonard at Sun Feb 20 2005 10:06

Ah! For some reason I thought flickr only had a REST interface. Maybe because that's the only one people talk about.

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