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[Comments] (2) : Hey, if you have ideas for interesting little things to do with the Google web API, let me know. I'm trying to think of one for my project, but I've been drawing blanks, and the non-blanks I've drawn have proven not to be feasible.


Posted by anonymous at Sat Feb 26 2005 22:05

I really hate that show firefly and i can't explain why. Or maybe the problem is no one ELSE can explain why they like a show about a vision of the future in which the universe is colonized by horrible toothless cretins from the old west.

Maybe you could use the google web api to do THAT, you... jerk!

Posted by anonymous at Sat Feb 26 2005 22:20

More constructively, you could make something like googlism but allowing more than just "x is y" statements to be parsed from the results. I often wish it would let me have more freedom in that respect.

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