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[Comments] (3) Cleanup: Two things for my project for which I could use some help. First, if there are any REST bigots in the house I'd like to run some stuff by you. Let me know.

I'm also having a problem with Python's CGIHTTPServer in conjunction with POST requests. I can use the cgi module just fine with a POST, so there must be some way to get it to work, but if I try to read sys.stdin (where the POST data goes) from a CGI it just hangs. What's up with that? I found people talking about similar problems, but only on Windows and on Python 2.4. Has anyone else seen this?


Posted by Mark A. Hershberger at Tue Mar 01 2005 14:02

Do you still need a REST bigot?

I used to play one on TV.

Posted by Leonard at Tue Mar 01 2005 14:18

Yeah, send me mail (I don't have your address).

Posted by Aaron Swartz at Fri Mar 04 2005 00:21

I'm a retired REST bigot, but I'll come back to work for you.

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