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[Comments] (2) : The Lego Fantasy Roleplaying Game gives purpose to all that Lego frippery (ghosts, pirate cannons that don't work, pirate cannons that do work, etc.) by turning each piece into a game rule. This confronts my hatred of Lego frip-pieces with my love of intricate RPG rules. Touché, Lego Fantasy Roleplaying Game, and well done. What I'd really like, though, would be some sort of Lego/Crystal Castles/Nethack type game.

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Posted by Susie at Fri Mar 04 2005 18:21

Hello! Those are the fun Lego pieces!

Posted by Leonard at Fri Mar 04 2005 18:23

The pirate cannons (that do work) are great, but I'm opposed to them on principle.

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