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[Comments] (4) FOOLISH HU MANS: Sumana tried that "Laughing Cow" cheese and thought it was disgusting. I explained that the cow was actually laughing at her.

Update: Sumana disputes this story. Maybe it was someone else.

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Posted by John at Sat Mar 05 2005 00:03

If she comes to Utah she can get Cache Valley cheese curds. Susie refuses to let us stop there and get some. But if we had a tourist with us....

Posted by Susie at Sat Mar 05 2005 14:48

Hon, when was the last time you and I were in Cache Valley together?

Posted by XR7 at Sat Mar 05 2005 15:37

i like laughing cow cheese

Posted by Frances at Sat Mar 05 2005 20:42

Yuck, cheese curds. There is a Cache Valley Cheese outlet in Beaver, and everyone except me likes to stop there on the way home from Utah. I refuse to eat a cheese curd.

Isn't Laughing Cow like a Limburger cheese?

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