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[Comments] (5) : Clearly bottles of wine dipped in chocolate are an abomination, since inedible objects should never be dipped in edible coating. But is it actually disturbing, or just a garden-variety abomination? I can't decide.

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Posted by pedro at Tue Mar 08 2005 14:19

I would say garden-variety... the bottle is shrinkwrapped first, then dunked in velvety chocolate, and then shrinkwrapped again -- so you can (I would think) peel off the chocolate shrinkwrap layer and get at the chocolate relatively easily (but not as easily as say, a candy bar).

If they just dipped the actual glass in chocolate and then expected you to somehow be able to eat it... that would be an abomination. Or maybe just stupid.

Posted by Zack at Wed Mar 09 2005 02:20

The bottle is edible! You just have to polymorph into a xorn first.

Posted by Andy H. at Wed Mar 09 2005 04:48

Do xorns eat chocolate?

Posted by uncle pedro at Wed Mar 09 2005 07:33

What about a glass piercer? Or is a glass piercer *made* out of glass?

Posted by Brian Danger Hicks at Wed Mar 09 2005 10:36

Ek kan glas eet, dit maak my nie seer nie.
I kaun Gloos essen, es tuat ma ned weh.
Saya bisa makan gelas tanpa sakit
Az iam staklo i to ne mi vredi
Puc menjar vidre que no em fa mal
Muzu jíst sklo; to mi neskodí.
Ik kan glas eten. Het doet geen pijn.
Mi povas mangxi vitron, gxi min ne doloras.
Motum awe bodambo. Onye me hwee.
Dúnamai húalon esthíein; toûde oudamws huperalgew'.
Posso mangiare il vetro, non mi fa male.

et cetera, et cetera.

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