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[Comments] (6) : Okay, that's enough of that. I took my cards to Moe's in Berkeley and found nine books from my wishlist (plus two not in the wishlist) without trying very hard. Then I went to B&N and spent accumulated gift cards on another five. The increasing fragmentation of my wish list is exposing problems in the Pocket Wisherman's automatic categorization, but if I fix them I'll just go off printing new copies of the cards and buying more dang books.

The new chapter I'm writing for the Python book is on network programming. I'm planning to write a tiny IRC-like chat room thing, and a multiplayer game of some sort, and maybe a file-sharing something to demonstrate peer-to-peer. Let me know if you have any ideas, especially for the game. I don't want to introduce a whole lot of irrelevant-to-the-chapter overhead just to get a cool demo application, but it'd be nice to have something besides the not-terribly-heart-pounding number-guessing game I'm currently planning.


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