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[Comments] (5) : Still in jury selection blah. I don't understand how sitting and doing nothing can be more stressful than going to work. Too tired to write anything, which is a problem as I'm supposed to be writing the other book chapter.


Posted by Susie at Thu Mar 17 2005 11:07

Didn't you have jury duty a short time ago?

Posted by Leonard at Thu Mar 17 2005 11:22

Yes, since last week.

Posted by Susie at Thu Mar 17 2005 14:51

Oh, I thought you had it a few months ago or so.

Posted by Rachel at Thu Mar 17 2005 15:09

geez, how long does it take? maybe if you tell them you believe in capital punishment the defense lawyers won't pick you.

Posted by Brendan at Fri Mar 18 2005 17:56

I think that works the other way around, Rachel.

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