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[Comments] (2) : Does Newton's Wake have any thematic connection to Finnegans Wake, or is that wishful thinking?

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Posted by John at Thu Mar 24 2005 16:22


I have a tendency not to pay attention in class and instead check my weblog over the wireless. Well, the student next to me has watched me do this over the semester and he asked me how he can get one.

Being the savvy accountant that I am, I told him I haven't the foggiest, but that I would ask you. Can he somewhere get a cookie cutter version on the web to use? Or does he have to buy it? I have absolutely NO idea how someone goes about starting their own blog.

He did tell me that he does have a server that can host it. He just doesn't know how to set it up? Any suggestions?

Posted by Leonard at Thu Mar 24 2005 21:00

He can go to blogger.com and get a weblog hosted on blogspot.com. Or he can download NewsBruiser (my program) from http://newsbruiser.tigris.org/ and install it on his server.

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