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[Comments] (3) Polls You Can Bruise: I'm not going to haul out the old COPOUT code just for this one poll, but I'd like your opinion on how I should end my networking chapter for the Python book.

I've got enough pages to cover one more topic in a fair amount of detail (a couple 10-100LOC examples or one 200-300LOC one). Should I cover a) the peer-to-peer architecture by writing a little file-sharing/distibution network type application, as I planned, or b) the Twisted library, which makes writing networked applications easy such that much of the rest of the chapter is rendered moot and rather quaint-sounding? I'm leaning towards b) even though a) would be easier, because I don't want to be responsible for people thinking raw socket programming is the way to go. On the other hand, so far I've been able to write my chapters without using anything outside the Python standard library, and I think that's a worthy goal.

Let me know what you think I should do. I was going to try to write the last section tonight, but instead I'll start pitching everything into the Word template. I'll write the last section tomorrow after I've decided what goes in said section.

Whichever one I do, the other one will get a little text-only section under "other topics", because I think they're both important.


Posted by Aaron Swartz at Fri Mar 25 2005 20:29

Definitely b.

Posted by Brendan at Sat Mar 26 2005 00:16

I think a would make better back-of-book copy, in that I want to read it.

Posted by steve minutillo at Sat Mar 26 2005 00:58

a. If I want to read about "Twisted", I know where to go (or at least Google does).

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