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[Comments] (3) Games Games: It's games they say, on the other side of the hill. Brendan started a fun new collaborative weblog about game design, and through it we were all reminded of Kevan's random game idea generator. It was the best temporal-displacement Christmas ever.

I think I'd be a good game designer, but almost everything I've heard says it's a miserable profession, and far better to just dabble in it as an amateur. But they say the same thing about writing, and I'm kind of headed in that direction, so maybe I can take it. They probably say that about software development, too, and carpentry.

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Posted by Richard at Tue Mar 29 2005 04:50

Don't forget LD48:


Posted by Brendan at Tue Mar 29 2005 09:45


Posted by anonymous at Wed Mar 30 2005 01:09

I'm a carpenter, and I must say, it's been a real cakewalk. On tuesday I hammered together some crappy toy boats, and today I took the day off... to go by a real one!

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